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About Us

Bank Safe Vault Removal


Door Removal, Doorway removal, prep work for demolition.

Bank Safe Vault Removal

Wall Removal

Removal of wall and beginning demolotion

Bank Safe Vault Removal

Ceiling Removal

removal of supports and ceiling.

Bank Safe Vault Removal


cleanup of rebar and hardened concrete.

Bank Safe Vault Removal


Enjoy your new space vault-free

Bank Vault Demolition



Dave the owner of Bank Vault Demolition has been a Safe tech since 1988. Running a locksmith business since 1991 Dave Fullarton has been Removing vaults and banking equipment since 2003. Well accomplished in the field the owner is a instructor for the Safe and Vault Technicians Association which teaches other locksmiths how to better their skills. Dave Fullarton is a Former president of MLA as well. If you are looking for an expert than you have found one.